Instruction to Speakers


    It is our great pleasure to announce that we invite you to


 the 10th International Conference


Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications


that will be held on July 27--31, 2009 at Kyungnam University in Masan and Gyeongsang National University in Chinju, Korea.


   The aim of the conference is to introduce the theories and applications of Nonlinear Functional Analysis. The areas being discussed in the conference are ordinary and partial differential equations, functional differential equations, intergrodifferential equations, control theory, approximation theory, optimal control and optimization theory, numerical analysis,  ergodic theory, dynamic systems and complementarity problems. A number of invited talks in the areas listed above will be given. The conference committee is honored to cordially invite you to attend the conference, to share ideas on the areas and to become acquainted each other for academic research. It is certain that your participation will significantly contribute to the quality and success of the conference.


    Financial support of the conference by Kyungnam University and Gyeongsang National University has been greatly appreciated.


    Finally, we hope that you have a great time during the conference.


 Sincerely yours,


Jong Kyu Kim and Yeol Je Cho,

Chairs of the conference committee








           Registration will start at 9:00 a.m. Monday, July 27, 2009 and continue every day at the front  desk of the conference room-A


Welcome Reception:

          You and your guests are cordially invited to the welcome  reception starting 7:00  p.m., July 27,  2009.



          You and your guests are cordially invited to the Excursion

           Depart from the front of the conference sites of Kyungnam University at  8:00  A.M, July 29,  2009.


Official Language:

          The official language of the conference is English that will be used during the presentations and the  following discussions and for the printed  materials.



          Beam-projectors are recommended in all presentations. However, please let us know in advance  if special projectors are needed.


Transportation from the Kim-Hae International Airport (Busan)


      to the Conference Sites (Kyungnam Univ. and Gyeongsang Nat'l Univ.): It takes about one hour  to get to the Masan Station by limousine bus from the Busan(Kim-Hae) International Airpor. And then you can go to the conference sites Kyungnam University by Urban bus or Taxi in 30 minutes. When you arrive at the main gate of the Kyungnam University, please call to the Committe(055-249-2211) or (017-556-8608 . After then we will pick you up and guide for you to your hotel .





        The average temperature as daily highest in Julyt is about 30-32, oC.


Local Transportation:

        The public transportations in Masan and Chinju are taxis or urban bus lines. During  the conference there will be minibuses or cars that commute from hotels to the conference sites.



 Proceedings : The proceedings will be published  in  Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications (NFAA: Kyungnam University Press), Fixed Point Theory and Applications (FPTA: Hindawi  Publishing Corporation ), Journal of Inequalities and Applications (JIA: Hindawi  Publishing Corporation )  as special  issues





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